The Folklore Festival "The Village - the Soul of Russia" will kick off in Vologda District. Tradition and folklore will take centre stage once again on August 17-18.

The festival has been officially organized in the Vologda Region since 2014.

Folklore dancing ensembles, chorus, musical bands are invited to participate in this folklore festival.

The creative project is aimed at preserving cultural identity, creating conditions for the development of traditional folk culture and promoting the cultural and historical heritage of the Vologda Region and various regions of Russia. The main idea is to bring together the groups and ensembles from around Russia in the Vologda Region in order to further the cross-enrichment of cultures and promote cultural cooperation.

Another goal of the festival is to hand national traditions down to younger generations, so that they would keep the national heritage and develop new forms of intercultural dialogue.

The program will traditionally include concerts of folklore groups, folk festivals, a fair of handicrafts and other events. Folklore groups will show their skills and transform the village into a colourful backdrop of traditional costumes, dance and music.

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