A large-scale restoration of the Memorial Museum of Peter I was completed in Vologda last year.

The Memorial Museum of Peter the Great is located in a one-storeyed building which stands on the Vologda River. The house is a historical and architectural monument of the late 17th century.

The exterior of the house is designed in a rather plain style. The small windows of the house are strengthened with iron bars and decorated with stone platbands. The stone cornice and iron cheque-work roofing finish the austere exterior design. Above the entrance door there is a stone plaque with the Dutch coat-of-arms and the date "1704". These signs testify to the fact that the owner of the house was Holland's official representative in Vologda.

Peter I visited Vologda on several occasions in 1692-1724 and he always stayed in this house. The house was restored and turned into a museum by the emperor's decree in 1885.

The renovated museum will open on June 9, the birthday of Peter the Great. The museum collection conjures up the atmosphere and images characteristic of Peter I's epoch. An exposition will also feature new museum items. The museum will tell about Vologda as a major trade and craft center at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries, about the contribution of Vologda’s residents to the creation of a regular army and navy, about the culture of that time.

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