The Russia International Exhibition and Forum will open in Moscow on November 4, 2023. The regions of the Russian Federation, federal executive bodies, nonprofit organisations, state corporations, and foreign representatives will take part in it.

The forum is of particular importance for workers of the tourism sector. It defines the main direction of the industry's development. The Vologda Region will present its main tourist opportunities within the framework of the exhibition-forum.

“The tourist potential of our region is huge and diverse. This is a region that has preserved the original cultural and natural heritage of Russia. This is a region traditionally known as centre for unique crafts - Northern niello, Shemogod birch bark carving and Vologda lace", - said the First Deputy Governor of the region Dmitry Gorbachyov.

Vologda is called Russia’s lace capital. The city boasts the only Lace Museum in Russia.

Vologda lace gained its distinctive artistic and stylistic features – smooth lines of a pattern, rhythmic repetition of a lace ornament elements and rich patterned design.

Northern niello is a traditional craft in the Vologda Region. Here artisans produce fine niello silverwork of a kind not seen anywhere else in northern Europe - delicate black alloy inlaid on engraved silver.

Another traditional craft - Shemogod birch bark carving - appeared in Veliky Ustyug in the late 18th century.

Ornaments of Shemogod's carvers, called «birch bark lace» are used in the manufacture of caskets, boxes, teapots, dishes, plates and baskets.

The Vologda Region and its municipalities are regularly included in the list of the most popular travel destinations. Thirteen settlements of the region are recognized as historical settlements: the cities of Vologda, Belozersk, Veliky Ustyug, Totma, Kirillov, Vytegra, Gryazovets, Nikolsk, Ustyuzhna, Cherepovets, Kadnikov, the villages of Verkhovazhye and Ferapontovo. More than 340 tourist routes are being implemented in the municipalities of the region.

The Vologda Region also participates in the implementation of the interregional historical, cultural and tourist project "Silver Necklace of Russia" that unfolds the unique originality of the Russian North.

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