This year "Zheleznoye Pole" (Iron Field) was dedicated to the Year of the teacher and mentor. It was aimed at developing the brand "Ustyuzhna - the city of blacksmiths", popularization of blacksmithing craft in the Vologda Region, exchange of experience and creative communication of craftsmen.

The Blacksmith Festival has been held in Ustyuzhna annually since 2007. It is timed to coincide with the day of city foundation.

The festival is a meeting place for professionals as well as the general public where people of all ages and all walks of life have a good time. Every year blacksmiths from all over Russia come to Ustyuzhna to demonstrate their skills and choose the best master.

Music, dancing and sports activities are part of the event as well as blacksmithing, nail-making and metal casting. Visitors of the festival are able to enjoy live concerts, dancing and admire the skillful hands of the craftsmen creating works of art.

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