X All-Russian Belov Readings "Belov. Vologda. Russia" opened on October 23, Vologda City. Vasily Belov is a Vologda-born writer, poet and dramatist who published more than sixty books.

The founders of the Belov Readings are the Government of the Vologda Region and the Vologda City Administration.

The event has brought together a wide range of admirers of the writer's work, all those interested in the preservation, study and promotion of the literary heritage of Vasily Belov.

The All-Russian Belov Readings are aiming to study and promote the literary heritage of Vasily Belov, attract attention to the preservation of the Russian language and literature and motivate for reading.

The Belov Readings programme includes a whole range of scientific, educational and socio-cultural events that are coordinated by the Vologda State University with the participation of the Vologda Regional Universal Scientific Library.

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