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Kirillov is a provincial town 129 km off Vologda. It appeared as a settlement attached to the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery founded in 1397 and called after the name of monk Kirill Belozersky. Kirillov is an administrative centre of Kirillov District of the Vologda region now.

Every year a great number of visitors flock to the city to admire the majestic architectural ensemble of Kirillo-Belozersky monastery, one of the largest in Russia. Tourists are also drawn in the same numbers to the Ferapont Monastery. The Kirillo - Belozersky Monastery and the Ferapont Monastery won an international renown owing to the effect of stateliness and an artistic work of exceptional value. Laid out and built in the traditions of early Russian design, they are preserved as monuments of church architecture.

The Severodvinsk water way founded in 1828 passes near the city. The network of rivers and channels makes getting to and around Kirillov easy. The channel allows vessels to pass from the Volga basin through the Sheksna river into the Sukhona river and then through the Northern Dvina to Arkhangelsk.

Kirillov's chief landmarks will captivate you and make a fascinating atmosphere for a journey.

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