Ded Moroz set off on his traditional New Year trip on October 22, 2022. It lasted till January 14, 2023. He travelled from Veliky Ustyug to Vladivostok. The main holiday-season miracle-maker visited Russian cities and gave long-awaited presents to children before New Year.

The Ded Moroz Train travelled more than 33,000 kilometers and stopped at over 120 Russian cities and towns during 85 days. Everyone was able to hop on the magical express and feel the spirit of the holiday on the Ded Moroz Express Train.

"On January 14, the longest railway journey of Ded Moroz came to an end. This is an absolute record in the country. The journey of Ded Moroz Train will be declared in the Russian Book of Records as the longest railway route of a fairy-tale wizard. I’d like to thank Ded Moroz, his helpers and the Russian Railways company for the high-quality implementation of the project," said Oleg Kuvshinnikov, Governor of the Vologda Region.

The Ded Moroz Train is a winter wonderland where children and their parents gather to make memories they’ll treasure year after year. The railcars are decorated beautifully to celebrate the season.

The Ded Moroz Express Train consisted of 19 decorated wagons. Some of them were occupied by technical staff and an animation team. It also included a residence car of Ded Moroz with a bedroom, a dining car and a gift shop where one can buy souvenirs or send a letter to Russia's chief magician.

In 2021 Ded Moroz travelled more than 14,000 kilometers and he stopped in 36 Russian cities. According to the organizers, in 2023 the geography of the trip will be expanded.

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