The Russian Folklore Festival "Village - the Soul of Russia" took place in Kadui District on July 2-3.

Residents of Vologda’s villages are connoisseurs of folk culture. Here you can still hear old songs, get acquainted with original craftsmen who know the secrets of folk crafts - weaving, wood carving, lace weaving and birch bark weaving.

The folklore festival “The Village - the Soul of Russia” unites the best amateur groups, artisans, researchers in the field of traditional folk culture. The creative project is aimed at preserving cultural identity, creating conditions for the development of traditional folk culture and promoting the cultural and historical heritage of the Vologda Region and various regions of Russia.

Masters of folk crafts in weaving, embroidery, lace weaving, traditional costume, wood carving and painting, birch bark weaving and pottery participated in the fairs and master classes of the festival.

Guests of the fair were able not only to buy unique works of folk art and souvenirs, but also to take part in master classes: take a pair of bobbins and create a delicate lace pattern, mix clay, spin a potter's wheel, draw a flower and paint a deliciously scented gingerbread.

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