More than fifty artworks by the world-famous artist Hiroaki Miyayama have arrived for exhibition in Vologda. An exposition of prints inspired by The Tale of Genji kicked off at the Shalamov House of the Vologda Regional Picture Gallery on April 9.

Hiroaki Miyayama’s art blends modernity with the traditional culture of Japan. He has perfectly mastered the colour etching technique The show borrows its name from The Tale of Genji, one of the most outstanding works in the classical Japanese literature of the Heian period (794–1185).

The book tells of the gallant adventures of prince Genji, the emperor’s illegitimate son. Each of its 54 chapters recounts a separate episode in the life of the youth.

Hiroaki Miyayama spent a whole decade creating his 54 colour etchings. The female characters, whose names in The Tale of Genji match those of the flowers, are portrayed by Miyayama as a cherry branch, an iris flower, or a tulip bud. They evoke the atmosphere of classical Japanese refinement.

The works of the artist are housed in multiple museum collections throughout the world. Now the residents and guests of Vologda are offered a chance to enter this exquisite world.

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