The Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design, established in 2018, are named after Domenico Trezzini, Russian architect of Swiss origin, the first architect of St. Petersburg, author of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, Twelve Collegia Building and other masterpieces of Petrine Baroque.

The Awards aim to turn the most artistically valuable architectural, design, restoration and exhibition projects into museum objects.

The annual Golden Trezzini Awards connects thousands of architects and designers from around the world. The International Council and the Jury of the Golden Trezzini Awards comprise over 200 representatives of 32 countries. The motto of the Awards is “Architecture as Art”.

Nominees from all over the world are invited: developers, architects, renovators, designers and interior decorators, theatre artists and students of architecture schools. 

The main prize is a gilded figurine of Domenico Trezzini.

The applicants (but for the winners and finalists) which get 5 to 6.9 points (from 10 possible points) during the voting by the Qualification Committee get Special Mention Certificates. 

In 2022 a project of Belozersk’s embankment received 2022 Golden Trezzini Special Mention Certificate in the nomination "The best implemented project of landscape architecture".

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