International Folk Crafts Festival “City of Crafts” will kick off in Vologda on June 25.

The festival is aimed at popularization of folk arts and handicrafts. It will be arranged with an active backing of the Vologda City Administration and a Handicrafts Centre “Reznoi Palisad (Carved Fence)”.

Artisans will show off their virtuosity in the following categories - traditional female crafts, wooden and birch bark craft painting, valenki (kind of felt boots), wood engraving and wicker-work, blacksmithing and potter's craft.

According to the organizers, the festival will be devoted to various programs that reveal to the audience the secrets of one of the folk crafts in the heart of Vologda - Kremlin Square.

The festival will also include creative workshops, lectures and round table meetings where leading experts on folk culture will share their ideas and projects.

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