A meeting of the local government officials devoted to celebration of the 76th anniversary since victory in the Great Patriotic War was held in Vologda.

May 9th is the main holiday of Russia as a victorious power. On this day Russian people will always honour the feat of heroism of war veterans and grieve for those who fell in action or were tortured to death.

This day unites all Russians with a memory of heroic deed of our grandfathers. This day remembers the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II and honours almost twenty seven million Soviet citizens that were killed and died of wounds, that were posted missing and were tortured in captivity and perished with hunger.

Residents from the Vologda Region took part in all the battles and military operations in different sectors of the battlefront showing heroism and selflessness.

Last year the 9 May Victory Day celebrations in the Vologda Region were cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many festivities in the Vologda Region were adapted to the conditions of quarantine and transferred to a remote or online format.

A plan for holding the main celebratory events in 2021 depends on the epidemiological situation. If the restrictions are lifted, mass events are possible. Anyway, the local government asks the residents to improve the military graves, visit war veterans and support the "Immortal Regiment" campaign.

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