The All-Russian competition of jewelers "The Best jewelry of Russia” was held within the framework of an Exhibition of Jewelry and Watch Brands JUNWEX Moscow. The jewelry exhibition in Moscow displayed the works of the best jewelry masters from Russia. All jewellery product range was presented at the show.

JUNWEX Moscow is a professional marketplace for jewelry manufacturing. It helps enterprises manufacturing jewelry products, industry trade experts, and companies working in the field of jewelry technologies, equipment, packaging and software expand their business to the CIS states, Baltic States and throughout the world.

This is a unique gathering of fashionable novelties, incredible discoveries and new names of the industry. The exhibition is a space for creativity, design thought and skill. Among the participants of the exhibition, there are leading enterprises of the Russian jewelry market.

Northern silver niello company from Veliky Ustyug (Vologda Region) presented a silver balalaika decorated with floral ornaments from Russian folk fairy tales. A balalaika is a triangle-shaped string instrument with a fretted neck, hollow body and three strings.

The northern niello of Veliky Ustyug is one of the most unique handicrafts which has gained the world fame. Niello is a kind of original copper-plate engraving, first the article is engraved, then it is covered with niello, then it is heated, niello melts, after the article gets cold it is cleaned and buffed. Source material is silver.

The flourishing of this art in Veliky Ustyug dates from the 17th-18th centuries when the market of Veliky Ustyug was on the rise. Later the town became a major centre for jeweller's art, namely production of niello adornments.

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