The Vologda Region enters top five Russia’s most popular destinations for New Year and Christmas holidays. Veliky Ustyug received the status of the Official Hometown of Ded Moroz in 1998.

Autumn and the Christmas season are the busiest times in Veliky Ustyug as numerous visitors are keen to experience the true magic of Christmas and New Year in the Official Hometown of Ded Moroz.

Ded Moroz lives more than 600 miles (1000 kilometers) northeast of Moscow in his wooden palace in the pine forests at Votchina 15 km off the town of Veliky Ustyug on a cliff above the Sukhona River.

His residence includes not only the house of Ded Moroz, but also comfortable cottages made of wood, a restaurant, a recreation centre with a sauna, a swimming pool and a billiard room. Here you can find a wide range of sports facilities such as skis, sledges, boats, fishing-rods, ets. These facilities are spread throughout the territory and include sports to suit every taste. You can ride a horse, sing and dance in a ring or take part in special competitions.

The post office in Veliky Ustyug must be one of the busiest in all Russia, it delivers and sends all the correspondence of Ded Moroz. Both children and grown-ups in Veliky Ustyug can send post-cards and letters with a special seal and autograph of Ded Moroz to their relatives and friends. Over the years of its operation the post office of Ded Moroz has received about 1200000 letters both from Russia and from all over the world.

The official residence of Ded Moroz is in traditional "terem" style. The residence welcomes visitors all year around, but naturally it is especially popular during the New Year's holiday season.

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