Darwin Nature Reserve is located in Cherepovetsky District of Vologda Oblast and Breytovsky District of Yaroslavl Oblast, on the shores of the Rybinsk Reservoir of the Volga River. Darwin Nature Reserve was founded in 1945. Approximately two thirds of the reserve are located in Vologda Oblast and one third is located in Yaroslavl Oblast.

The reserve contains an adundance of wilderness, wildlife and spectacular beauty. Darwin Nature Reserve is located on Sheksna-Mologa Plain and is flat. Much of the area of the reserve is covered by coniferous forest and swamps. It abounds with rare varieties of plant and bird life. The peculiarity of the Vologda Oblast consists in the vicinity of the wildlife which is unique in its beauty, with the ancient monuments of history and architecture.

The fauna and flora is typical for the southern taiga. Rare birds that nest in the area include the golden eagle and osprey . Elk, brown bear, and wild boar find refuge in the biosphere reserve.

Darwin Nature Reserve serves for protection of forests, nesting and resting places of waterfowls on the Rybinsk Reservoir, and spawning grounds. The total area of the reserve is 112 thousand hectares: 67 thousand hectares is occupied by land and the rest of the area is occupied by water. There is a long monitoring history of vegetation dynamics, hydrology and climate ecosystems in the area.

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