May 9th is the main holiday of Russia as a victorious power. On this day Russian people will always honour the feat of heroism of war veterans and grieve for those who fell in action or were tortured to death.

This day unites all Russians with a memory of heroic deed of our grandfathers. This day remembers the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II and honours almost twenty seven million Soviet citizens that were killed and died of wounds, that were posted missing and were tortured in captivity and perished with hunger.

Russia commemorates the Soviet Union's victory over the Nazis each year on May 9 with a massive military display that sees thousands of troops and tanks parade through Red Square and military jets fly in formation over the capital. This year's parade was meant to be a major showcase, with veterans from all over Russia invited to watch and take part in events marking the 75th anniversary of Soviet victory in World War II.

Russian President Vladimir Putin postponed a landmark military parade as Russia struggles to contain the rapid spread of the coronavirus. The President noted that the traditional parade on Red Square and the procession of the "Immortal Regiment" will take place after the epidemiological situation in the country improves.

“Residents from the Vologda Region took part in all the battles and military operations in different sectors of the battlefront showing heroism and selflessness. In spite of the epidemiological situation, people of the Vologda Region will be able to pay respects to victims and veterans of the Second World War. By complying with the security requirements and self-isolation, we will celebrate our sacred holiday - Victory Day,” said Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, wherever they live today, should know that we highly value their fortitude, courage and dedication to frontline brotherhood.

As the risks associated with the epidemic, whose peak has not passed yet, are extremely high, the festive programme including cultural and sports festivals, exhibitions, environmental actions, historical reconstructions, parades and rallies will be held later this year as soon as the coronavirus threat subsides.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Victory, the Vologda Region will host the Immortal Regiment’s march from balconies. Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov supported an idea of a non-governmental organization War Child to hold an Immortal Regiment action in a new format - from balconies. Compatriots are confident that the victory won by the ancestors at the cost of terrible sacrifices cannot be taken from their descendants. No quarantine can do this.

Residents of the Vologda Region will be able to take part in Immortal Regiment parade from their balconies, carrying portraits of relatives who died in World War II.

The Great Victory will always remain a heroic pinnacle in the history of our country. Across Russia, a minute of silence will be held, for soldiers killed in battles, members of resistance movements, prisoners of deaths camps and all the civilians, who perished to the hardships of sieges and wartime.

“We need to do everything to make veterans feel our care and gratitude. We should surround our heroes with the utmost care and attention,” said Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov.

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