The exhibition showcasing gorgeous and rare hand-made designs of the 19-20th centuries is timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the museum. It will open on October 30th.

The Vologda Oblast has a legacy of lace making that goes back centuries, in 2010 the area has got a building to celebrate the tradition.

The Lace Museum occupies a two-storeyed stone building situated along the embankment of the Vologda River, right in the heart of Vologda. The museum hosts several expositions in nearly 1,500 sq m of exhibition space. The exhibition extends over two levels and covers all ages of lace-making from the early 17th century - showcasing gorgeous and rare hand-made designs, to later industrial production and through to contemporary lace presented in haute couture.

Inspired by the properties of lace, the organizers of the museum are keen to combine fashion, technology and traditional handicraft together under one roof creating a comprehensive and inspiring journey into the fascinating fabric.

The Vologda Lace Museum houses extensive expositions of Swiss laces. A Swiss patron of art Amelia Hussar and Ruth Scheidegger-Meier, daughter of the famous Swiss writer Gerhard Meier came to Vologda several times to present Swiss laces to the Vologda State Museum-Preserve. These invaluable gifts no doubt strengthen cultural ties between the Vologda Oblast and Switzerland and set up a partnership that will last.

The Vologda Region and Switzerland have been sustaining cultural and economic ties for years. The Department of Culture and Tourism of the Vologda Oblast and the RF Embassy in Switzerland started cooperation in the cultural sphere in 2011.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Vologda Lace Museum with foreign private collectors, the museum received interesting lace samples from Slovenia, Liechtenstein, France, Belgium and Malta. These laceworks will also be shown in the Lace Museum.

Each exhibit received by the museum is associated with a personal or family history. The exposition of new exhibits under the heading "Thank you!" is an appeal to specific names and the"living" history of lace.

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