The premiere of the play based on Wilhelm Hauff's fairy tale The False Prince is being prepared at the Teremok Vologda Puppet Theater.

This work became a real experiment for the creative team of the performance: for the first time ever the staging is being done online in the Teremok theatre.

The remote rehearsals are not an attempt to follow trends, but a necessity and a forced measure. The creative team of the play - the play director Christina Arsenova, the artist of the play Emeliana Andonova-Toteva, the author of the play Plamen Andreev and the composer Vladimir Dzhambazov - can not come to Vologda from Bulgaria, where they live and work because of the quarantine. But they managed to overcome the distance thanks to the modern online opportunities. However, according to the creative team, there were many difficulties while they were working on the play.

The director mentioned that the only reason she agreed to this desperate decision is her absolute confidence in Vologda’s actors. Christina Arsenova had already staged a performance of Shakespeare's comedy at the Teremok theatre in 2015, so she knew about the high professionalism of the theatre troupe.

She told us about the remote staging of the new performance The False Prince: “It's still difficult to talk about the end result, because now I can see the performance on my computer screen. I hope the online staging will be always only a measure of last resort, because no screen can replace the live communication, the live emotions that the theatre exists for. Despite the long quarantine, Vologda’s actors are in great shape: I am absolutely delighted with their professionalism.

All people of art are the people of the world, so there are no boundaries for them and national features don't matter here . But the representatives of this profession from all over the world can show their audience another way of thinking, another way of looking at things, another approach, another aesthetics. The audience here, in Russia, is really amazing and very subtle. It has some special attitude to the theatre, respect for the work of actors. And that’s why I’m more worried about the viewer’s reaction to the performance - after all, we’ve been working in such an unfamiliar mode for us.”

The Teremok Puppet Theatre is known to be ready for artistic innovation and experimentation. The False Prince is not Hauff's most famous work. It has not been staged in Russian puppet theatres yet.

"Now we are waiting for permission to depart from Bulgaria to Russia to meet the director and the artist with all our friendly team and show them the performance in person, hear their comments and finally finish the work, - said Elena Bukharina, the head of the Teremok theatre. - Despite the difficulties, we believe that the project will be a success. Of course, we would not like remote work with the director in the theatre to become regular. The computer screen can’t replace the live energy".

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