VI Interregional Folklore Festival “The Village – the Soul of Russia” is held in Vologda District on 18-20 August. The festival promotes the development of intercultural dialogue between the folk artists from different Russian regions as well as upbringing the younger generation in the spirit of tolerance to cultural traditions and customs of another ethnos.

This year the festival is devoted to the Year of Theatre in Russia that was proclaimed by RF President. It has a competitive nature and enables participants to present their achievements in the field of music, singing, dancing, customs and national cuisine.

The interregional folklore festival “The Village – the Soul of Russia” has been held in the Vologda Region since 2014. It unites the best amateur groups, craftsmen, researchers in the field of traditional folk culture. The creative project is aimed at preserving cultural identity, creating conditions for the development of traditional folk culture and promoting the cultural and historical heritage of the Vologda Region and various regions of Russia.

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