Art Museum Riga Bourse inspires the appreciation of Russian culture by exhibiting one of the most comprehensive private collections of Nikolai Kormashov, an Estonian artist and collector, who collected and restored a great collection of 15th-20th century Russian icons during his lifetime.

The exhibition “Saved Sanctity” at the Art Museum Riga Bourse, running from July 20 to September 15, introduces viewers to the art and history of icon painting, the symbolism of icons and their role in Orthodox worship, and various styles and methods of producing icons.

With 140 Russian Orthodox icons and religious objects spanning five centuries, the Museum offers a unique and personalized experience rich with art, history, and culture.

The icons that are on display in Riga were mainly collected in three regions: in the upper reaches of the Northern Dvinsk in Arkhangelsk Oblast, the Kokshenga District in the Vologda Oblast - here the icons were obtained mainly from 1965–1978, and in Tailova Village in Pskov Oblast, where the collector’s family spent their summers from 1967 right up to 2017.

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