Moscow collector Galina Novikova brought an exhibition of hand-made Maltese lace to Vologda. The exhibition of Maltese lace opened at the Vologda Lace Museum.

Maltese lace, type of guipure lace was introduced into Malta in 1833 by Genoese lace workers. It was similar to the early bobbin-made lace of Genoa and had geometric patterns in which Maltese crosses and small, pointed ears of wheat were incorporated. After 1851, when it was shown at the Great Exhibition, Maltese lace was widely copied at other lace centres, including Bedfordshire, England. It is made both in white silk and thread, and also in black Barcelona silk.

Over 70 lace works from private collections of Moscow collector Galina Novikova that were already shown in some Russian cities will be on display in Vologda till November 10.

The exhibition halls of the Vologda Lace Museum will feature luxurious collars, fans, shawls and bedspreads of the second half of the XIX century.

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