Thirty children from Syamzha (Vologda Region) received a unique Christmas gift – a trip to Vologda’s open air museum of architecture and ethnography in Semyonkovo. The family of Sean A. Kopylov paid for this trip.

Sean Kopylov was born in the United States and lives in Boston, recently he turned 14 years old. He is keenly interested in his roots and the history of his family, which is closely connected with the Vologda Region. On the eve of the New Year, Sean came up with the idea to congratulate the boys and girls living in the Vologda Region.

Тhe history of the two countries, Russia and the United States intertwined inexplicably as V. N. Kopylov house joined an outdoor museum - the Museum of Architecture and Ethnography in Semyokovo ten years ago.

The presentation of the colorful restoration of the interior of a sturdy log and wooden house from the 19th century, the so-called Kopylov house took place in October, 2014.

The Architectural and Ethnological Museum of the Vologda Region was opened in 1992. It is situated 12 km off Vologda. The museum occupies 12 hectares. Nowadays there are 20 houses-exhibits on its territory: buildings, barns, a bath and a chapel. All the houses were brought to the museum from different Vologda villages and later restored.

The Kopylov house belonged to a merchant family from the region, some of the descendants of which are living now in the U.S. The exterior of the house was beautifully restored by the museum’s staff of carpenters, woodcarvers, glaziers, muralists and others with the help of the Vologda Oblast budget and a $100,000 grant from the U.S. Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation.

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