The International Lace Festival VITA LACE collects everything related to the world of linen industry: fabrics, clothes, textile, souvenirs, as well as looms, spinning machines and accessories.

The program of the festival includes lace making competitions and exhibitions, thematic lace making workshops, round-table discussions, fashion shows and numerous accompanying events of a creative and cultural nature.

Lace-makers from Russian regions and foreign countries will attend the International Lace Festival VITA LACE in 2020. Foreign and Russian companies will display their products, equipment and achievements in flax cultivation and processing.

The International Lace Festival VITA LACE supported by the RF Ministry of Culture was held in Vologda three times – in 2011, 2014 and 2017.

The 4th International Lace Festival VITA LACE will be devoted to preservation and development of handicrafts.

Vologda won a mention in the Russian Book of Records thanks to the most populous lace-making workshop that took place in Vologda on June 24, 2011. 570 lace-makers from different regions of Russia and foreign countries gave a master class in the art of lace-making in the city's central square. The members of 10 countries- Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Ireland, Canada, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia as well as representatives from 24 Russian regions took part in this campaign. The lace-makers were set in a special way - in the form of a snowflake, the main lace element. The record-setting was registered by a representative of the Russian Book of Records in the presence of the wife of the Russian President.

Vologda lace, a brand name today, has a proud history, which began in the 18th century. The patterns of floral, ornamental designs, with flowing and smooth lines, are produced mostly in white. They look like a frosty window in winter. Made of flax or cotton threads, Vologda lace is light, yet durable and strong. Vologda flax has a special quality, called "northern silk."

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