The Vologda Chamber Drama Theater took part in the 10th international festival/laboratory of chamber theatres and small scale productions MOLDFEST.RAMPA.RU that was held in Chișinău on December 3-9.

MOLDFEST offers a good opportunity to see and be seen. The participants are able to take part in master class, to meet with other actors and directors and discuss performances.

19 theatres from Spain, Israel, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus participated in the festival.

Over several days the most diverse performances from the classical and contemporary repertoire were presented in Chișinău. In addition to the festival shows, there were workshops taught by experienced directors, theatricologists and playwrights.

The Vologda-based theatre presented one of its best productions – It’s me – Édith Piaf. Piaf is a play that focuses on the life and career of French chanteuse Edith Piaf. The production features only one actress - Irina Dzhapakova.

The Vologda Chamber Drama Theatre received an invitation to present its production at festivals in Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

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