Russian President Vladimir Putin officially designated 2019 as the Year of Theatre in Russia. The President resolved to hold the Year of Theatre in the Russian Federation in 2019 in order to further develop the art of theatre. Over 100 events are to be held in the Vologda Region within the framework of the Year of Theatre.

The Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Vologda Region says that the region will host over 100 events covering different theatrical genres and forms. On December 13th , 2018 Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov will announce the countdown to the Year of Theatre.

A great number of activities will be held in all cultural institutions of the Vologda Region involving professional theaters, non-profit arts sector, independent working artists, amateur dramatic and folklore societies. They will enrich the region’s artistic vitality and cultural vibrancy.

The Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism says 2019 will feature a big focus on the theatrical arts.

There will be pop-up performances, new theatre programs and theatre-themed events in each of the districts in the Vologda Region.

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