Today, on November, 19th the exhibition «The Russian Path. From Dionysius to Malevich» has opened in the Vatican. It depicts iconography with the XIX-XX centuries and shows the spiritual path of Russian art.

The exhibition will show 54 key works of Russian art from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery and regional museums (47 works from the State Tretyakov Gallery and 7 from regional museums). The exposition will be built as a dialogue of two traditions: Old Russian art and painting of the second half of the 19th – first third of the 20th century.

The exhibition «Russian Path. From Dionysius to Malevich» is a reciprocal gesture to the equally significant project of the Vatican Roma Aeterna, which was held in the Tretyakov Gallery in 2016-2017.

Among the masterpieces that will be presented in the Vatican is the Russian icon of the Old Testament Trinity from the Ustyuzhna Local Lore Museum located in the Vologda Region.

The exhibition will last till February 16, 2019.

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