The festival is named after Valery Gavrilin, the great Russian composer, People's artist of Russia who was born in Vologda.

The festival is organized by the RF Ministry of Culture with an active backing of the Vologda Oblast Government, Department of Culture and Tourism. The main objective of the event is to reveal new talents and to perpetuate the memory of Valery Gavrilin.

Musicians from Russian regions, the CIS, the Czech Republic and the USA will participate in it. It is planned to organize almost 75 concerts, master classes and other festival events.

The festival will be kicked off by St. Petersburg State Capella. It stated its history in 1479 when on the order of the Great Prince Ivan III a choir of the Czar's singing deacons was organized in Moscow which became the first in Russia professional choir and the cradle of Russian choral art. In 1703 the choir was moved to the new capital of the Russian Empire where it participated in the festivities dedicated to the foundation of St. Petersburg by Peter the Great. Since that time it has been performing in that city.

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