Vologda will host VI Russian ex-libris Congress on August 22-25, 2017.

In the 21st century Vologda has been very active in the ex-libris movement with many graphic artists becoming interested in ex-libris creation, with a regular participation in international competitions and an increasing number of dedicated collectors.

The upcoming Ex-Libris Congress will be an opportunity to learn more about the rich and old Russian culture and to admire Vologda, one of the ancient cities in Russia's North-West. The VI Russian Ex-libris Congress (FISAE) will be held in the exhibition halls of the Vologda Picture Gallery.

It is expected that the Congress will feature 1500 works. Vologda was chosen as a venue of the Congress for a number of reasons. Since the beginning of the 20th century Vologda has been famous for bookplate creation. At present the Vologda Picture Gallery boasts a big ex-libris collection by both domestic and foreign artists. In 2016 Vologda became home to 36th FISAE International Ex-libris Congress.

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