Experience of the Cherepovets Museum of metallurgical industry will be presented at the 5th Slavonic International Economic Forum in Bryansk on August 26th within the framework of the section “Industrial tourism as an instrument of career guidance” .

The first Russian museum of metallurgical production emerged in Cherepovets in July 2015. The creation of the Museum of metallurgical industry helps solve several tasks - preservation of materials pertaining to the history of the development of metallurgy in the Russian North and the history of the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant, creation of a positive cultural image of Cherepovets on the territory of the Russian Federation and Europe and increase of the flow of tourists.

The Museum of metallurgical industry is designed using modern techniques and technologies. The exposition is divided into several zones. Seven thematic exhibition halls, each of them with interactive elements allows visitors to become metallurgists for some time, to produce iron ore or smelting steel. The museum covers the territory of 1400 square meters.

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