36th FISAE International Ex-libris Congress that was held in Vologda on August 22-27 came to close. It was organized by the RF Ministry of Culture, the Vologda Oblast Government and the Vologda City administration.

The Congress brought together foreign collectors, artists, scholars, historians and researchers (all in all 130 participants) from 16 countries and over 100 ex-libris enthusiasts from 12 Russian regions. The largest delegations arrived from the Chinese People’s Republic, Turkey, the Netherlands, Finland, the Czech Republic, the USA and Belarus.

Over 400 artists from 39 countries (Russia, China, Japan, the USA, Poland, Italy, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, France, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and others) presented about 1500 works at the FISAE Congress in Vologda. This was one of the largest shows of contemporary art of exlibris in the world. All the works were donated to the Vologda Picture Gallery where the exhibition was arranged. In the furure it is planned to open an Ex-libris museum in Vologda, the first one in Russia.

On August 26th the participants of the Congress decided where to hold the 37th FISAE International Ex-libris Congress. Places negotiating for future congress venues included the Czech Republic, Turkey and the USA. Prague was honoured to host the 37th FISAE International Ex-libris Congress.

All the participants note that all in all the Vologda Congress was well organised, the venue was excellent and they were pleased with the warmth and cordiality of their reception. There was a good range of lectures and social activities, such as tours to neighbouring historic sites, concerts of local musicians and dancers. And, as usual, many enthusiastic ex-libris aficionados arrived here.

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