There are 25 botanical gardens in Russia; Russia’s North-West boasts only two - in St. Petersburg (it is one of the oldest in Russia) and Tver. The opening of a botanical garden in Vologda will be a unique event for Vologda City.

The Vologda botanical garden will become a center for horticultural research that take you around the world. A greenhouse was specially built in the suburbs of Vologda to house a large collection of tropical and sub-tropical plants (over 500 all in all). The botanical garden is divided into four parts, which correspond to flora of Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. In the Vologda Botanic Garden they also keep animals and butterflies.

It took almost 30 years to collect numerous sorts of exotic plants from tropical and subtropical countries; also people brought saplings and seeds of rare and exotic plants for the botanical garden.

The garden will teach people of all ages about plants and the environment through its educational programs. Families, school children, and teachers will learn about plant science and ecology, and will be able to see exotic animals, insects and birds.

The Vologda botanical garden will be really enchanting place for residents and guests of the city.

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