Vologda will host the 36th International FISAE Congress on August 22-27, 2016.This decision was taken at an international ex-libris event in La Pineda, a holiday resort on the Costa Dorada, Spain's “Golden Coast”.

A non-profit organization "Nationwide Ex-libris Society" that unites artists, collectors and arts critics became a new member of FISAE in 2010. Supported by Vologda Oblast Governor, the Vologda Picture Gallery and the Nationwide Ex-libris Society sent an application for holding the Congress. Vologda was chosen by FISAE delegates for a number of reasons. Since the beginning of the 20th century Vologda has been famous for bookplate creation. At present the Vologda Picture Gallery boasts a big ex-libris collection by both domestic and foreign artists.

In the 21st century Vologda has been very active in the ex-libris movement with many graphic artists becoming interested in ex-libris creation, with a regular participation in international competitions and an increasing number of dedicated collectors.

400 artists from 30 countries (Russia, China, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, the USA, Poland, Italy, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, France, Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and others) have already sent their works for the international congress.

The upcoming FISAE International Ex-Libris Congress will be an opportunity to learn more about the rich and old Russian culture and to admire Vologda, one of the ancient cities in Russia's North-West. Ex-libris Congress (FISAE) will be held in the exhibition halls of the Vologda Picture Gallery.

It is expected that the Congress will feature the works of 500 artists from 40 countries. This will be one of the largest shows of contemporary art of exlibris in the world. All the works will be donated to the Vologda Picture Gallery.

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