Tourism brand: Best Practices - 2016 is an open international contest of creation, development and promotion of touristic brands. Its mission is to familiarize experts and travelers with the most optimal, comfortable and interesting information means about Russia’s tourist potential and to show the successful experience of tourism branding.

A new brand of the Vologda Region - “Vologda Oblast - Soul of Russia’s North” got an honorary award in the "Best regional brand" category based on evaluation of an international jury composed of professionals in the tourism and marketing. 

A new brand of the Vologda Region - “Vologda Oblast - Soul of Russia’s North” was created to unite the inhabitants of the region on the basis of common cultural and historical heritage and to pass over those values to other generations.

The composition is built in the form of a circle. The circle signifies the sun, the soul, the light, the infinity and the letter “O”, which is so typical for a verbal image of the Vologda Region. The symbol unites most folk traditions: lace, embroidery, carving and wood-painting.

A bird depicted on it is typical for Slavic and Finno-Ugric mythology, and later for Christianity. The bird is perceived as a symbol of the soul and the spirit, the manifestation of the divine, the highest state of spirit and mind.

The new brand presents the Vologda Region as a peaceful and open region where people adhere to family values, keep the Orthodox heritage and traditions, and respect the work and achievements of the human being.

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