Various scientific sections, dozens of interesting reports, about 70 Russian literary critics – the educational program of the Second All-Russian Belov Readings will be large. Pupils, students and teachers fr om different parts of the country will take part in it.

The Belov Readings will include five directions this time – the sections will be about teaching experience, students’ researches, writers’ creative activity, museum affairs and librarianship. About 120 people will participate in them. 70 of them will present their scientific works. There will be several experts of federal level: Stanislav Kunyaev, Russian poet, publicist and editor of the magazine «Nash Sovremennik»; Larisa Baranova-Gonchenko, literary critic and co-chairperson of the Union of Russian Writers (Moscow); Vladimir Maslyanka, director of the Literary Museum of Viktor Astafiev (Chusovoy).

Participants consider it to be a unique chance to take part in the All-Russian Belov Readings. Today Vologda is famous for its literary talents. Useful exchange of research work takes place exactly on such grounds. Almira Kardapoltseva, member of the delegation from the Perm Territory, director of the District Central Library in Chusovoy, will give her report for the second time.

«Vologda is associated with the symbol of the place wh ere the literature of Russia is connected. We have met interesting people and now we communicate with them and help each other. This year I will give a talk on the literary heritage and preservation of cultural identity of the area. The work carried out by Vologda in the organization of the Belov Readings is also preservation of identity of your area. I will tell about our experience», said Almira Kardapoltseva.

The Second All-Russian Belov Readings are due to start on October 21 and will last for three days. They will include not only the educational program, but also many cultural events and tours, such as a tour of the literary places of Vologda and a trip to the native village of Vasily Belov – Timonikha.

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Maria Pozdeeva, Official website of Vologda City Administration