A solemn event was held on July 5. The guests and participants of the Sixth Festival of Young European Cinema VOICES appeared on the red carpet again like at the opening ceremony.

People could see Gérard Krawczyk, director of the film «Taxi», film expert Sergey Sholokhov, film historian Naum Kleyman and certainly directors and actors of the movies included into the competition program.

Winners were determined in three nominations in 2015:

«Best Actor / Actress» – Carmina Barrios, «Carmina and Amen» (Spain);

«Best Directing» – «We Are Young. We Are Strong», director Burhan Qurbani (Germany);

«Best Screenplay» – «Monument to Michael Jackson», director Darko Langulov (Serbia).

The Grand Prix of the VOICES Festival – the golden statuette in the shape a director’s megaphone – was given to the Hungarian film «For Some Inexplicable Reason» directed by Gabor Reisz. «Art is not sport, the victory is not the most important in it. We don’t compete with each other», said the winner.

The People’s Choice Award was given to the Russian film «14+». Its creators also received the diploma for best acting.

The ceremony was concluded with some requests of Igor Lysenko, director of the Festival of Young European Cinema VOICES. He asked spectators to continue loving cinema, volunteers – to work selflessly and organizers and sponsors – to help those who shoot films.

It is worth reminding that the Sixth Festival of Young European Cinema VOICES was held in Vologda from July 3 to 6. People could see dozens of movies, join in master-classes, meet with famous representatives of cinematograph and listen to live music concerts.

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