Examples of lace dating back from the 17th till the 20th centuries will be presented in the exhibition «Danish Lace: History and Present». Visitors will be able to see traditional headdresses, measured lace, collars, ribbons and cuffs.

«The lace articles of Tonder with which we are cooperating is notable for complexity of execution, the finest threads and quality of making. To create some patterns, lace-makers used up to 400 bobbins. Lace-making for Tonder was considered to be extremely important – it is not by chance that a woman with lace is depicted in the map of this region», said employees of the Museum of Lace.

The display will be supplemented with some articles connected with manufacture and trade of lace: a merchant’s travelling-bag, devices for lace-makers, historical documents. Besides, several original pictures depicting the noble persons of Tonder whose costumes are richly decorated with lace will be exhibited in the museum.

It should be added that these two museums have been cooperating since 2012. Employees of the Vologda Museum of Lace visited Denmark, saw the lace collection and exhibitions in September 2013 on the invitation of the director of the museum in Tonder.

The opening ceremony of the display «Danish Lace: History and Present» will be held on July 30.

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