The All-Russian Contest of New Drama «Remarque» will be first held in the regional capital. It is organized for the third time and unites the best playwrights from all over Russia.

Russian director Oleg Lipovetsky is the artistic director of the contest. As for the jury, it will consist of theatre critics, playwrights, directors from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Anapa, Petrozavodsk, and other cities of the country.

«It is a great honour for Vologda to host such a contest. It is included by the Golden Mask into the list of the most important Russian-speaking drama contests. It is quite possible that holding of the final in our city is the result of the first Vologda Theatre Festival «Results». It united a large team of critics who gave a lot of favourable reviews about the city theaters», – noted Irina Gorozhanova, chairperson of the Vologda branch of the Russian Union of Theatre Workers.

The final of the contest will be held in the form of public reading. It will include 4 plays written by modern playwrights and the actors of local theatres will read them for the jury. It won’t be full performances, but they will certainly contain some direction and acting.

Preparation for the event will begin in late March. Vologda will host the Remarque Contest on April 12.

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