“Materia Prima” is a unique project on a European scale of an interdisciplinary and complex character. Form theatre is the key issue of the project - as opposed to the dramatic theater. Form Theatre is much less known and popularized in Poland, Norway and in other European countries. The goal is a largescale popularization of this phenomenon. The project emphasizes geographic and species diversity in the issues of form theater. It is a novel area of artistic exchange within the Polish, Norwegian and wider European tradition of the form theater and its originality consists in that.

The festival will be held in Poland (Kraków, Wrocław, Rzeszów) and Norway (Bergen). Within the project 46 events are planned, including conferences, shows of the 12 world renowned theatres of the form theater coming from the different countries of Europe (France, Norway, Israel, Germany, Russia, Italy and Poland), outdoor events, workshops, exhibitions and film screenings. The target groups are theatre specialists, theorists, professional dancers, students and young adults.

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