As moderators report, this is her first personal exhibition at the place.

The exhibition, confined to the artist’s 70 year anniversary, has become a great present not for Galina Mamrovskaya, her relatives and friends only, but for all town dwellers and guests.

Galina Mamrovskaya name is well known. She is a member of the Russian Artist Union, award holder of All-Union Lenin Communist Youth League, honoured artist of the Russian Federation. From 1972 to 2006 during her work on the lace enterprise “Snowflake” («Снежинка») she created more than three hundred technical drawings, unique lace pieces. Pelerines, jackets, accessories, show panel pictures – there is love and caring attitude to Vologda lace making traditions in all her pieces of work, to which she devoted all her life.

Her art works got numerous gold medals of All-Union Exhibition of Economy Achievements, diplomas of Russian and foreign exhibitions. The lace products, created be the Vologda artist, are kept in museums of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vologda, Kirillov, Cherepovets, Syktyvkar, Sumy. The leading pieces of work such as “Peace to Your House” (1982), “Spring Chime” (1991), “Fairy Tale about Tsar Saltan” (1998, together with T. Smirnova), “Mother’s Tenderness” (2008) – are represented today in the main exposition of Lace Museum.

Though Galina Mamrovskaya is on her well-deserved rest now, she still keeps a leading position among lace making artists in Russia. For example, her panel picture “By the Ferapontovo Lake” («У озера. Ферапонтово») got the first prize in the Vologda Region grants competition 2011 as unique lace art work, and her panel picture “Olympic Fire of Victory” – became the winner of the competition exhibition “Olympia Lace” on the II International Lace Festival «Vita lace» 2014.

For the first time in Vologda there are represented Galina Mamrovskaya’s lace panel pictures “Cradle of Time” (2009), “Light Silence” (2010), “Victory” (2015), made to the order and preserved in Kirillo-Belozerski State Museum-Reserve funds.

The anniversary exhibition is added by author technical drawings, diplomas and awards, photographs from personal archive.

The work of the exhibition will continue till April, 2016.

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Translated by Ekaterina Mazilova, photo by Elena Legchanova