Alexander Komelkov, student of the Vologda Regional College of Arts, took the first place at two most prestigious international contests among button accordion players – the Coupe Mondiale and the World Trophy. This information is given by the press-service the Vologda Oblast Government.

Representatives of 25 countries - 90 best musicians of the world – participated in the Coupe Mondiale that was held in Finland. Alexander Komelkov competed in the category «Masters» among the players under 35. In all, the Russian musicians won 10 out of 24 laureate places. In the experts’ opinion, it is a fantastic result.

The World Trophy was held in Switzerland. Over 80 best musicians from 24 countries of the world took part in it. According to the results of the contest, Alexander Komelkov claimed a win and confirmed his title of the world champion. Last year he also won the main prize of this contest.

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Maria Suvorova, Official website of Vologda City Administration